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Weathering my own storm

When anxiety takes over...

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The past two weeks have been anxiety-filled for me.

Anxiety is a normal and often healthy emotion. However, when a person regularly feels disproportionate levels of anxiety, it might become a medical disorder. Anxiety disorders form a category of mental health diagnoses that lead to excessive nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry.

I had to take a step back and recognize that I could not push through this that I needed to find a solution.

I looked beyond the virus, the election and the civil unrest as the only cause of my anxiety.

I had to take a look at what had changed in the last 2 week:

  1.  My new laptop screen was destroyed when the wind yanked it off of the table just prior to our virtual fitness class. It made for a tough start to the class but we got through it but, I had to cancel my weekly coaching session with my transformation clients.
  2. I had taken on a tech project a few days prior to the screen busting. (my other line of business) From the start my gut instinct was not to take the project as it seemed to be too much. And now internet issues have enter the scene constantly timing me out of work  I felt extremely overwhelmed and I had diffculties concentrating.  

    I should have listened to my gut feeling. When I was finally able to get a good connection I realized the project was not for me.
  3. During this time period I got new glasses and when I sat down to work the project I had  difficulties seeing the computer screen. I kept my old glasses but they were back at the RV I had traveled to get better internet access.  This just added more aggravation around getting the project done.
  4. I had to let I my client know I was having diffculties completing the work and this made me feel like a failure and I was overwhelmed by the feelings of letting my client down. 
  5. The only thyroid medication that has truly regulated my numbers since my thyroid was removed in 2011 was taken off the market. I started a new medication which I  believe is too strong and attributing to my anxiety.
  6. We were super excited on Saturday, we had several new clients sign up for our Saturday Virtual Fitness Class.  Saturday morning came and we could not get internet access.  We had to cancel the class.  This was definitely not the impression or experience we want for our class members !  Uggh we felt as though we let our class participants down. 

    This was the final straw. 
You may be thinking well that's not all that bad but, this is my reality and it caused me extreme anxiety.

These 6 things on top of the current mess of 2020 resulted in me:

  • Being on edge
  • Clentching my teeth constantly and even in my sleep
  • Inability to sleep and night sweats 
  • My vision was blurry with the new glasses and somewhat blurry with the older pair
  • No patience for anything especially talking when others  around me were talking I wanted to jump out of my skin.
  • Poor food choices, carbohydrate overload.
  • Reduced water intake as I sat at the computer endless hours fighting the internet and  trying to get the project done. 
  • I only completed my  daily 4 mile walk 5 out of 14 days as I felt I needed to use that hour to work on the project.

Once I realized my anxiety was spinning out of control:

  • I shared with my awesome husband that I needed relief that something was wrong. 
  • I messaged my client who kindly offered up another team member to help complete the project.
  • We took a road trip to participate in a drive by parade for a friend that was released from the hospital after 130 days due to COVID.  It was great to see him and be a part of a positive living life celebration.
  • We checked into the Shores Resort & Spa where I sat and stared at the ocean and reflected on what I need to do to get better.
  • I stayed off of the computer accept to log into our Sunday Core class
  • I stopped my meds and will be calling my doctor first thing this morning.  Being off of them for a fews days has allowed me to stop clenching my teeth  and I slept really good last night.

I am totally transparent in sharing my own health struggles with you because I think it is important for you to know that I am by no means living the perfect healthy life. What I am doing is walking right along side you in this crazy world of ours and doing my best to not only survive but to thrive despite it all.

I am a Transformation Health Coach I will continue to educate myself on how I can better serve as a guide to others while taking the necessary steps to maintain my own health.

I believe by being transparent and sharing my own experiences I can help you.

If any of this resonates with you leave me a comment below.
Wishing you a week of good health and happiness.

Enjoy this short video of
The Shores Resort & Spa

We really enjoyed our stay and the resort was very empty making social distancing super easy. The customer service was awesome and the food was really good too :)

I am feeling much better not 100% but getting there.

Love, ❤️



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