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It's a New Day

And I'm feeling good

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In my message last week, I shared with you my recent battle with anxiety.

Thank you all for your kind words of support. I am feeling much better.

In last week's post I listed a few issues that were a result of and attributed to my anxiety I am taking my time to work through the list.

I have selected the two below to work on right away:

  • Poor food choices, carbohydrate overload.
  • Reduced water intake as I sat at the computer endless hours fighting the internet and  trying to get the project done. 

If I do not get control of these two items now I can see myself headed for a holiday season of not feeling well, weight gain and tiredness.

If you would like to improve both or one of these areas of your life I would love ❤️ it if you joined me.

Let's start with the water challenge.

To get on track with my water intake I am joining the Move With Mack December Water Challenge. We have made it super easy to be a part of the water challenge. Simply like the Move With Mack Facebook Page and comment "I'm in" on the water challenge post.  

All of the activity for the water challenge will happen on the Move With Mack Facebook Page.

I've discovered in my 57 years of life that embarking on change or working towards a goal is easier and funner for me when I am doing it with others so ... let's have some fun together while we create a healthy habit.

Next week I will share with you the steps I am taking to reduce my carb intake.

I hope to see you in the water challenge.

Have a great week!

Love ❤️


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