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The Perfect Indulge Day Brunch: A Guide

Some days you just have to do it!

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It's Saturday morning, and you are lounging on the couch with your coffee, glancing at your phone to see what social media has been up to. Suddenly, a notification pops up that says "Indulge Day Brunch." It's time for breakfast! As we travel across the US we must indulge in the flavors of each state.  We have to be strategic as we do not want to fall into the habit of eating too much too often :)  We found that a monthly  brunch at a locally owned restaurant is a great way to support the community we are visiting but there are also times we rather find a yummy recipe to make.

This post is about the perfect indulge day brunch - how to have it, when to have it, where, and everything in between.   

Schedule Your Indulge Day.

It is best to plan out your indulge day one or two weeks in advance. Doing this will give you enough time to prepare mentally and physically for the indulge meal and plan what you are going to eat.

Schedule your indulge day early enough in the week that you have time to prepare. Then, about a day and a half before your indulge meal, start being aware of how much food you're consuming on regular days. 

Having a indulge day where you eat anything and everything is not an excuse to skip out on working out. Still, it's also essential to have some flexibility when planning your weekly diet, so you don't feel deprived or overwhelmed with only healthy foods every single day. 

Decide on What You'll Eat and Find the Perfect Recipe

Decision making is a crucial step in planning a indulge day. You should aim to eat whatever you want, within reason, of course! However, deciding what you'll eat early in advance will help you avoid last-minute temptation when your cravings are at their strongest. 

The perfect indulge day brunch should consist of foods that taste good and won't set you back too far in terms of calories or macros wise. You don't want to undo all the hard work put into achieving a fantastic physique! 

People often choose pizza, ice cream sundaes and other high-fat food items for a indulge day since it seems like less effort than cooking up something healthy; however, there's no point if it throws off your entire diet plan.

You can find plenty of recipes online, like the  oreo cake recipe, that offer tasty yet nutritious options - some even include fitness hacks (such as adding protein powder) that enhance your workout later on!

Purchase the Ingredients or the Meals Ahead of Time

While it is not necessary to purchase your ingredients for an indulge day ahead of time, doing so can help you stay on track throughout the week. In addition, buying all of your ingredients ahead of time and prepping your meals for the week can help you stay on track with your healthy eating plan; this will help you with those cravings, or you can save some money by cooking your indulge day brunch. 

Consult With Your Nutritionist or Doctor Before Beginning Any Diet

Consult your doctor, health coach or a nutritionist. Discuss your plan with them to make sure you are both on the same page about what constitutes a indulge day and how often you should be indulging yourself.

If you want to change the way your body looks and feels, consult with a nutritionist, health coach or doctor who can help you create an effective plan that may incorporate indulge days into your regular eating schedule.

Don't Feel Guilty

This part is the most important on a perfect indulge day. Whatever you choose to eat, don't feel guilty about it! If you're going out for brunch or selecting a recipe that is higher in calories and fat, make sure you stick with your nutrition goals after the meal too. Doing this means taking in fewer sugars and carbs during weekdays if you went overboard on Sunday. 

Another good idea would be to find some physical activity after eating so that all those extra calories will burn off quickly when combined with exercise.


You can achieve the perfect indulge day brunch by following everything outlined in this blog post. Of course, you can have your friends and family be a part of it too; most importantly, enjoy it!

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