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Exploring Rome

Rome GA... that is.

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It's always fun to explore cities outside of the places we camp. Searching online for free things to do in the area where we intend to visit is an easy way to determine where we want to go.   After seeing the list for Rome, GA, we hopped in Lil Baby and drove 45 minutes from Leesburg, AL to Rome, GA.

From the list, we chose two activities:

First stop

 Rolater Park in Cave Spring. The park has a natural spring (with a cave) where people come to fill water jugs.  The cave monitor gave us some cups since we forgot our water bottles.  The water was cold and refreshing. Although you cannot play right in the drinking water collection area, you may splash a little downstream. There is a $1 entry fee per person for accessing the cave. There is also a seasonal pool – no chlorine, just fresh water – opened  Thu – Sun.

Second stop

Walking a labyrinth is a form of meditation: sacred breath, sacred step. Pause if you like at the center and enjoy the feeling of peace, breathing slowly but deeply, your feet firmly planted on the stone that connects you with Mother Earth.

Third stop

After a full morning of walking Rolater Park, exploring the cave and taking a walking at the Labyrinth we enjoyed lunch in downtown Rome at the Harvest Moon Cafe.  Where we enjoyed lunch prepared with local and organic sources.

Our day in Rome, GA was a great adventure if you are ever in the area we recommend you check out Cave Spring, Rome Labyrinth and Harvest Moon Cafe

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