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Small Changes To Make Your Lifestyle Healthier

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Not every change to improve your lifestyle has to be drastic and cause much effort. You may have tried previously and failed. Tried to eat better and exercise daily, but finding after a few days or weeks, your momentum drops and you find yourself slipping back into your old ways. 

The key problem you most likely faced, was you want from zero to one hundred and ultimately didn’t realize how difficult this would be. 

In order to successfully go ahead and start living a healthier lifestyle, you need to start off by taking baby steps. Initially choose one or two changes to make. As these steps become part of your normal everyday lifestyle you can then go ahead and make further adjustments and over time you will find that you have changed your style successfully and have become the healthier and stronger version of yourself you were striving for. 

The first step before jumping straight in and making changes is to decide what your overall goal is. You may decide you just want to be healthier, start exercising more or even improve your immune system through exercise and diet. Once you have your overall goal decided this is your motivating factor, that you will continue to refer back to ensure you keep going with these changes. 

Up Water Intake

Water is a vital part of the human body. You need to ensure that you are taking in sufficient quantities to keep your body healthy and your organs working properly. When looking to become healthier it is good to start monitoring how much water you actually drink. You may find that when you take a proper look it isn’t that much and you actually consume more juice or soda. 

Going forward you will be wanting to aim to have 8 glasses of water per day going forward. Not only will this make your body healthier, but it will also clear your skin, flush out body waste and unnecessary toxins and if you cut out sodas and juice it can also support weight loss. 

Eat More Fruit And Vegetables

You already appreciate that eating a wide range of fruit and vegetables is good for you. A diet that is high in these can lower your blood pressure, reduce illnesses and help keep a healthy digestive system. 

There are some easy changes that you can make to ensure that the quantities needed are being met. Firstly, keep fruit insight. Sounds simple. You are more likely to go ahead and grab fruit to snack on when it is easily insight and at the forefront of your mind. Another simple change is to incorporate them in more of your meals. Doing more home cooking allows you to be in control of the food you are eating and to add more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Trying new recipes will not only allow you to broaden your horizons but enables you to get the nutritional goodness your body craves, all while finding new meals and sides that you will love, [try this recipe] for a sweet, spicy, and delicious mango habanero salsa. 

Get Active 

With busy lives being lead, it can be easy to let exercise and being active slide, unless you are making a conscious effort. From being too tired to not being able to find the time, there is always a reason. 

If you are struggling to make this a priority, it is important to break being more active into your new routine gradually and then you can move up onto more strenuous and vigorous workouts once your body is used to it and you’ve made it part of your routine. 

Starting off with making small changes such as taking the stairs and not the elevator is a great way to use core muscle groups and increase the heart rate. Making effort to go for walks is another great starting point. If you find yourself struggling with time, you could always opt to use part of your lunch break to take a stroll. Parking further way when shopping for your groceries and having to walk that little further, getting off the bus one stop earlier, to dancing around the house when cleaning are all simple ways to get you moving more and increasing your heart rate. Ideally, you want to be aiming for 150 minutes of activity per week, but remember any activity is better than none and as your routine changes this will automatically increase and you will start to reap the rewards of moving more. 

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