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Living a Simplified Life

Walking in my purpose

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Living in a 24 foot Entegra Odyssey Motor Coach is providing me with a true understanding of a simplified life.

As l Iook back at my recent anxiety bout I can see how the switch to simplified living attributed to some of my anxiety.

I am living in a small space while placing big life expectations on myself.

What do I mean by that? Well, I'm glad you asked.

I was doing too much big stuff and let the whole reason for transitioning to a simpler life take the back burner. I spent too much time working to make money and not enough time spent in my true passion of helping others transition to a healthy lifestyle

So what have I done about it?

First I prayed about it, then I took action.


I decided to to take a step back from it all and get back to what brings me joy and that is helping others transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Prior to moving into the RV I had been busily working behind the scenes to find a way to help people eat healthy, not feel deprived and reduce the feeling of overwhelm that the transition can bring.

Once we launched our RV Journey I got away from the project. This was a big mistake and a lesson learned. Stay the course of what brings you joy.

I recently got back to the project and as a result I launched the Kitchen Life Simplified Program.

The program is designed to make life in the kitchen simple, reduce the amount of time spent creating meals, counting calories and trying to figure it all out. You can learn more about the program here and give it a try for free.

Today I can say that I am back to 100% and feeling good and cannot wait to continue to create and share resources that not only help others live a healthy lifestyle but help me to live healthier and simplified.

Love ❤️


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