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The Uncomfortable Truth about Self Care

It's hard doing scary things, and growing to be a better person

· Personal Development,Toxic Free Living

We often equate self care with pampering. In fact, that is self care, but today I want to delve into a somewhat uncomfortable side of self care.

Self-care does not only mean taking care of your body; it also means protecting your mental health.

Today I am sharing with you a self care method you may find uncomfortable, but it will allow you to feel empowered.

Say no when you want to.

This can be uncomfortable and the mere thought of saying no may cause you to feel a bit anxious.

When we don’t say no to others, even when we want to, we may feel resentful towards them and possibly find ourselves saying things like, “I am there for everyone, but when I need someone no one is there for me.


Ummm who's fault is that? ( sorry had to say it, not sorry)

The time has come to stop being the "yes hero " and saving the day for everyone else.

Save your own day and say no when you want to.

To help I have listed a few ways to make saying no more comfortable:

  • Thank you so much for thinking of me, but I can't!
  • I'm not taking anything else on right now.
  • No, thank you but it sounds awesome, maybe next time.
  • Unfortunately now is not a good time.

There's no need for a lot of explanation. Keep it simple.

When you say no it frees you up to do things that are important to you.

Being able to say no helps you set healthy boundaries and enables others to know what to expect from you.

Saying no when you want is not selfish it is self care.

Next week we will continue to discuss the not so comfortable side of self care.

Have a good one!

Kirsten & Mack

P.S. If you struggle to set broundaries and say no, we highly recommend you check out the workshop our friend Val is hosting. Val rocks! Click here to learn more.

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