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It really sunk in this morning when I looked at the calendar and it was still on July which is the month we left FL in our Entegra Coach


We are not letting the circumstances of the World rob of us of living life. The last 2.5 months were awesome!

Seeing family, making new friends, learning to make wine, cooking healthy meals outdoors, working out in nature, visiting museums, and hiking has made me realize that living my best healthy life has set me free. The day and the month doesn’t really matter.

The anxiety of the state of the world no longer weighs on me. Things that seemed so important no longer matter.

A few new friends that I met along the way have shared that my love for life has touched them and that gave me tears of joy.

I get it now... my purpose is to LIVE!!

Today is a new day and I’m going to make the best of it. I’m going to change the calendar to September even though I have learned over the past few months it really doesn’t matter to me what the calendar says.

Have an awesome day.





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