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Harvest Host... Yes, please!

· RV Adventures

When we first began our RV research we were so excited to discover the Harvest Host Membership Program.

Harvest Host offers two exciting membership plans each provide unlimited overnight experiences at unique locations around North America.

There is a 3 Month 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. In this vide we share our first boondocking experience with Harvest Host and we really enjoyed the location.

This is a learning process for us and we learned that running the generator was not good for our sleep. We plan to invest in a Solar Generator so we can plug in our fan at night without running the generator. We gotta have that night time fan :)

To receive a 15% discount on Harvest Host Membership please use our link and enter HHFRIENDS15 at checkout.

In this video we share our first Harvest host expeirence at Beans Creek Winery in Manchester, TN.

Enjoy the video!

When you use our link we receive a few dollar bills and we appreciate it!

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