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Here are 5 simple steps to help you feel more confident when meeting new people

· Personal Development

As we travel the US we are meeting new people  and making new friends.   Some we will only see once, some a few times, others might become friends for a lifetime. Meeting new people is easy for us but we know that meeting new people can be a challenge for  some.  

Today we are sharing 5 simple steps you can take to feel more confident when meeting others.

First, we need to lay some foundations. These foundations are to help you make a mind-shift that will help take your confidence to new heights.  

  • You probably don’t know this, but confidence is 90 percent belief, 10 percent effort. People who often exude confidence, typically do so from a place of self-belief. 
  • Some people who appear confident are actually faking it. But because they’re not showing it, you believe they are actually confident 
  • Confidence isn’t automatic. It’s built over time, therefore, practice is key. 
  • Be open to meeting new people 

Once you understand this, becoming more confident when meeting new people  gets easier. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to share the tips that will actually help you.  

Know  and Understand Your Strengths

Confidence often stems from competence. So what are you good at? What’s your purpose? You may have noticed this, but successful people tend to be good at one or more things.  That’s because the confidence from achieving those things they did, naturally spills over to other areas of their lives.

Embrace Your Shyness 

And by shy, we mean hesitant. When you meet people the first time, you may probably notice that they’ll be a bit hesitant too. Yet, when you see them with friends and family, they appear confident.  

Why is that? Well, understand and accept that it’s human nature to be wary of strangers –it’s kind of a protective mechanism. If you’re shy, acknowledge it;  and then move forward.  

Move With Certainty 

The next time you’re meeting someone for the first time, do this: Walk towards them, with the arm stretched out for a fist bump and a smile on your face. Doing this usually eliminates any awkwardness from the get-go.  

Then ask them how they are or pay them a compliment –we’ll talk about that shortly. 


Listen, your smile is contagious. It’s hard to resist a smile, plus it’s the ultimate compliment. Even if the person doesn’t return the smile, it’ll at least disarm them, causing them to be more open to you.  

If you’re worried about your smile or teeth, good oral hygiene or  dental care  should fix that immediately. Scale, polish, and whiten yourteeth. If there are other oral issues, get them fixed, and your confidence just might soar through the roof.  

Share a Compliment

Be positive.  Share a compliment when you notice nice things about people.  Everyone loves a good compliment. 

If you find it hard to meet others we hope these 5 tips make you feel more confident when interacting with new acquaintences.

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