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Healthy Snack Week May 24 - 31

We invite you to snack with us this week

· H,Healthy Eating

We are declaring this week healthy Snack Week here at Move With Mack.  

We will be posting healthy snack ideas on our blog for the next 7 days.  

We are kicking off the week with Fresh Blueberries and Two Good Greek Vanilla Yogurt.  

Today's snack includes blueberries which have been shown to directly increase antioxidant levels in your body.  Antioxidants in blueberries have been shown to reduce a predominant risk factor for heart disease by preventing oxidative damage to “bad” LDL cholesterol.

The North American blueberry season and harvest runs from April to late September. Then, imports from in South America fill the grocery store shelves from October to March.

Happy Snacking!

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