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Upgrade your RV bathroom faucet in

ten minutes or less

· RV Adventures

Our RV's bathroom sink faucet sat so low and was so close to the back that when you put your hands under it to wash them, water splashed all over the tiny counter.

  The hot water  handle had a horrible squeak when turned on and WD 40 was no help because what appears to be metal is actually plastic.  

We took a quick trip to Lowes and selected the allen + roth Camberly Centerset Bath Faucet.

The instalslation was simple and took less than 10 minutes.  We have outlined the steps below:

1.  Shut off the water connection to the RV

2.  Remove all items from under the sink

3.  Run all water out of both the hot and cold lines

4. Disconnect both water lines under the sink

5,  Lift the faucet to remove it and clean and dry the area

7.  Place new faucet in the holes and reattach and tighten both water lines.

8.  Turn the water to the RV back on and run both the hot and cold lines to make sure there  are   no leaks.

9.  This step is optional:   Add caulking arount the base of the new faucet.

10.  Enjoy not having water splash eveywhere when you wash your hands.

If you are constantly wiping water up around your bathroom sink don't wait a year like we did it's super easy to replace and took less than 10 minutes to complete.

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