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Doing our part the COVID 19 Pandemic

How we want to help you during this stressful time

The Corona Virus is affecting our lives and stress is at an ultimate high.

We are not doctors but we are caring human beings that have a God given purpose to help others to live their best healthy life.

With the recent relaunch of our business with a focus more on our lifestyle on the road we decided to shut down our Virtual Fitness Program.

We have 100s of videos housed in the program. They are no good to us unless they are being used.

In an effort to fulfill our purpose and to be a good citizen during this stressful time we are opening up the Virtual Fitness Program Videos to you the world at no cost.

We are releasing the videos daily on our Youtube Channel.

Grab your water an towel and go to the Home Workout Playlist on our channel.

We hope that we can help you to stay healthy and alleviate stress during this time of change.




Kirsten & Mack

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