• Kitchen Life Simplified Program

    Everything You Need For Variety, Simplicity and Meal Plan Satisfaction

    A Variety of 15 Recipes

    Easy to make

    You will find dairy-free, gluten-free, low carb, and plant-based recipes.

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sweet treat recipes are included.

    No deprivation here variety is key.

    Shopping List

    Stay Organized and Save Time

    Everything you need for all of the recipes are in one place broken down by the in-store location.

    Meal Plan


    Kiss the boring meal plan of chicken and broccoli goodbye. We have plenty of variety in the plan. Stay satisfied and experience new tastes and smells coming from your kitchen. Follow the example meal plan or add the recipes to your current plan.

    Nutritional Breakdown & My Fitness Pal Scanning Capability

    Know your numbers

    Eliminate the guesswork and time spent researching calories, and macros. Use your phone to scan the MyFitnessPal barcode to determine your numbers. How cool is that!

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    When you become a member in addition to your 15 recipes you will receive:

    • Shopping List
    • Example Meal Plan
    • Bonus recipes
    •  Kitchen tool and food resources
    •  Instructional cooking and kitchen  tools videos
    •  Monthly live cook along  
    • Getting started 1 on 1 session

      All designed to help you achieve a simplified kitchen life.
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