• Are You Ready to Get Past Your Sh*t?

    Read the stories of Nineteen Imperfect Women Who Prove It's Possible

    Telling my own story of overcoming for the book has been an intense and freeing experience.

    Hey Galfriend,


    You are not alone when it comes to Sh*t to get past.


    I have a story and so do the other 18 women that are part of the book.


    My life's ups and downs are no better or no worse than anyone else's they are simply mine and I am so grateful for them and I am even more grateful that I was able get past them. I did not get past them alone, I had women in my life that lead the way.


    My wish for you is that the stories in this book help to begin the process of moving past what has weighed you down physically and mentally.


    If it can happen for all of us it can happen for you too.


    Take that first step today.

    Order your copy of Get Past Your Sh*t.


    Love, ❤️



    P.S. In order to help you further I will be hosting the Why It's Time to Stop Caring What Others Think Program (Virtual).

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    In order to give you my full attention during the program and make this a positive experience that will help you to move forward, I am limiting the program to 5 participants.


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    Get Past Your Sh*t and Start Living Your Best Life

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